British company Audient is proud to introduce the ASP4816 – Heritage Edition (ASP4816-HE) console, which was unveiled at this month’s NAMM show in Anaheim, California. This upgrade follows in the footsteps of Audient’s flagship ASP8024-HE and, like its big sister, features a completely new look and some interesting “under the hood” improvements.

Audient ASP4816HE Noticia

The ASP4816-HE provides you with “the perfect tools to add the finishing touches to your mix”

Marketing Director Andy Allen talks about what’s new in the ASP4816 Heritage Edition console. “Since the release of the ASP8024-HE and the subsequent and growing popularity of its Vintage Mix Bus processing, we’ve received several times requests to add the same magic touches to the ASP4816, and that’s exactly what we’ve done.” Featuring a real transformer alongside with Low Bump/High Lift EQ, inspired by the classic vintage mastering EQs, the ASP4816HE allows for wider and more spacious mix bus tones.

“The addition of the Vintage Mix Bus gives the user the flexibility to add that coveted analog colour to their mixes and, used together with the Mix Bus Compressor, both are the perfect tools to add the finishing touches to the mix.”

Another enhancement, also found on the ASP8024-HE, is the bus compressor Bass Expand. According to Andy, “This new high-pass filter in the compressor’s side-chain tightens up your mixes and adds punch without destroying the lower frequencies.”

Audient ASP4816HE Noticia 2

The Bass Expander in the ASP4816-HE “tightens up your mixes and adds punch”

Other improvements to the ASP4816-HE include the addition of a monitoring grade headphone amplifier; latching foot-switch triggers for remote, hands-free talkback; an all-metal main output potentiometer and gain reduction metering VU meter

To celebrate 10 years in production, Audient has also taken the opportunity to redesign the aesthetics of the original ASP4816. Starting in July, it will come with an all-new obsidian finish, improved labelling for easier navigation, and white LED metering. Andy confirms: “The ASP4816’s fresh new look adds value to our smaller console and provides a better user experience, without affecting its affordable price.”

Audient ASP4816 Noticia

The Heritage Edition also sports the same new look as the new ASP4816, but with the added benefit of a stylish dark ash armrest. The standard ASP4816 will continue to be produced, along with the ASP4816-HE.

With 48 inputs and 16 mic preamps – the same as on the ASP8024-HE and throughout the Audient range – both of these inline consoles offer the benefits of a large-format console in a much smaller footprint. In addition to their versatility in connectivity, the flexibility of routing, summing, and processing and monitoring capabilities make these mixers suitable for all types of studios and recording professionals.