As you will surely remember, a little over 3 years ago – at the end of 2018 – Reflexion Arts was able to come to an agreement with a distributor in China for the RA monitors of our brand.

Reflexion Arts RA monitors, unanimously referred to as of “high resolution”, have been on the market for more than 3 decades and have been installed in different latitudes: from Lisbon to Dubai, from Moscow to Mombai. Both the RA239 and the RA BX1, designed by British acoustician Philip Newell — founder of Reflexion Arts in the long gone 80s and always an indispensable collaborator – as well as the RA288 finally arrived in Pekin. During the following year, work would begin on one of the most spectacular recording complexes located in the Chinese city – Studio 21A, in the heart of the Jin Tian Industry Park. Composed of 3 studios designed by the famous architecture and architectural acoustics company WSDG – Walter Storyk Designs Group – their respective control rooms exhibit monitor systems that, according to the owners, are “the best” that can be currently found in the industry.

Studio21A China

  • Studio A: Augspurger Classic System 215H-SUB218-SXE3
  • Studio B: Reflexion Arts RA239 + RABX1 subs, with Studio I and NA3200 stages, made by Neva Audio in Russia.
  • Studio C: Lipinski 707A Signature

It is with great satisfaction that today we can share this news with you and show you some photos of the Studio 21A facilities, mainly Studio B.

Studio21A China

Beautiful work by John Storky’s team that, unfortunately, confuses Reflexion Arts monitors with Prism Sound converters on their own page.

Studio21A china