Drawmer and SPL introduce new equipment at NAMM Show 2020

The NAMM Show is, the the world’s largest trade-only event for pro audio industry. Each year at the Anaheim Convention Center, California, bring together the most recognized manufacturers, and others that begin to gain a place in the professional audio industry, to introduce new products and updates.

Drawmer Electronics is one of the leading companies in the industry that presents a new product, the Drawmer 1970, a Dual FET Compressor and Pre-Amplifier manufactured with the heritage of the already classic Drawmer 1960. The new Drawmer 1970 complements the 70 series of this company, incorporating improvements in audio processing with optimized equalization for DI input, impedance selector for different types of microphones, BIG and AIR switches that will add to our mixes power and brightness with the “colour” of vintage sound, so desired for many producers, and parallel compression with options to select between WET and DRY sound. With these improvements, the Drawmer 1970 is the most versatile Compressor and Pre-Amplifier on the market with an extremely affordable price for everyone.


SPL Audio, also with a long way travelled in the world of professional audio, presents in the NAMM the Mercury – Mastering DA Converter. This Digital / Analog converter for mastering incorporates 120 volt rail technology, which allows to enhance the overall dynamic response of the processor. With optimized low-pass filters, sampling frequencies of up to 768 KHz-32 Bits, digital inputs by AES / EBU, SPDIF, TOSLINK and USB, as well as two pairs of analog outputs. This new SPL machine is a powerful tool in terms of Digital / Analog conversion for mastering applications with a very competitive price-performance ratio. Available in red, black or all-black colour.

spl mercury 2

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