Summit Audio 2BA-221 Mic and Line preamp

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Microphone & Line Module.

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Introducing the extraordinary Summit Audio 2BA-221 Mic and Line Module, featuring our remarkable continuously variable impedance microphone preamp. With microphone level, line level, and Hi-Z instrument inputs, the 2BA-221 utilizes separate and individually controlled solid state input controls to mix the microphone input with the Hi-Z or line input into the variable vacuum tube output. Using the variable mic impedance and variable solid state and tube stages gives you unprecedented sonic control of anything you throw at it, be it mic level, line level, or instrument level.

The 2BA-221 also features a stackable input design; multiple 2BA-221’s can be linked together to form a modular mixing device with individual outs, inserts per channel, and a final vacuum tube gain stage. Add to all that a swept high-pass filter (with bypass switch), -20dB pad, +48V phantom power, and 180° polarity reverse plus multiple simultaneous inputs and outputs, pre-tube insert jack and internal power supply, all backed by Summit’s 3 year warranty.

How can we put so much power and sound in such a small space? It wasn’t easy, but we’re glad we did. The ½-rack chassis makes the 2BA-221 a real powerhouse without taking up tons of room in cramped quarters. And this is not a ‘pared down’ Summit unit; the “tuba”, as we affectionately call it, features the same high quality you can expect from any of our products. That means that only top-of-the-line connectors, switches, and pots that are built to last a lifetime, as well as the highest quality components, are used throughout.

With the 2BA-221 we focused on versatility as well as sound. Along with the I/O you would expect on a mic preamp, we added tons of additional ins and outs to match any studio configuration, including mic, line, Hi-Z and ‘stacking’ in, and -10dB and +4dB tube output, “stacking” solid state out and an insert before the tube stage. How does this stack up? Try singing into a microphone and sending it to your recorder from the +4dB balanced tube out, with a backup to another track from the -10dB tube output to avoid any overs, and send the solid state ‘stack’ output to a compressor and then to yet another track. You can even plug a ¼” cable into the insert jack and have another solid state output for a total of four high quality outputs from one mic source! Or plug your acoustic electric guitar into the Hi-Z input and place a mic in front of it and use the separate line and mic input controls to mix the signals into the one, perfect blend. And all with the pristine quality and smooth and subtle tube overtones that keep Summit Audio a leader in audio processing.

Features Summit Audio 2BA-221:

  • Variable Mic input impedance from 100 ohms to 10K ohms
  • Variable Highpass Filter
  • Hi-Z Instrument, Line, and Mic Level Input
  • Hi-Z input and Mic input available simultaneously with separate gain controls
  • Separate solid state and tube outputs
  • Insert Jack
  • Stackable with more 2BA-221’s
  • ½ Rack Size
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • XLR and ¼” outputs and inputs
  • Three variable, independent gain stages.
  • Manual here

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