SPL Hermes, Mastering Routing Matrix

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Mastering Routing Matrix for 8 Dual-channel Processors with Dual Parallel Mix

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SPL Hermes is a mastering routing matrix for 8 Dual-channel processors with dual parallel mix. all powered by the innovative 120V SPL technology.

SPL Hermes facilitates the workflow in mastering studios with the possibility of interconnecting up to eight external stereo processors, with the option of saving presets and changing the signal routing order with just a flip of a button. In addition, it includes two integrated parallel mixing stages that can be assigned to any of the eight external processors. This routing matrix is entirely passive using gas-capsuled and gold-plated high-end relays. All active electronics like the I/O stages and the parallel mixes use SPL’s proprietary 120V technology, providing a greater margin of up to + 34dB and an impressive dynamic range of 141dB.

SPL Hermes Features:

  • Routing matrix for 8 stereo processors
  • 2 stereo inputs and outputs (XLR)
  • 4 sends and returns (XLR)
  • 4 sends and returns (SubD-25)
  • Possibility of storing presets
  • Two stages of parallel mixing
  • Potentiometers for parallel mixing control and gain
  • Quick comparison of up to four processing chains
  • Fully passive routing circuits with 120 Volt technology
  • Labeling mode to identify external processors
  • Maximum input level: +32.5 dBu (Parallel mix, gain active: +28 dBu)
  • Input impedance: 20k Ohms (bal.)
  • Maximum output level: +32.5 dBu
  • Output impedance: ‹600 Ohm
  • Dimensions: 482 x 88 x 300 mm (2U)
  • Weight: 9 Kg
  • Available colors: Red, black and all black
  • SPL´s 120V Tecnology details here.
  • You can see the user manual here.


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