Smart Research Guitar DI 1 channel

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Line driver for long cables, 1 channel DI box / Splitter

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Smart Research Guitar DI designed to solve many instrument recording and DI problems. For instance, one guitar feeding down long cables to 3 amps in a different area, without hums or change of tone.

Conceived at Real World Studios, to solve the problem of a guitarist wanting to play in the control room and have amplifiers set up in a live room sometimes several hundred feet away. Prototypes were also used at Virgin/ EMI Townhouse and Manor studios.

Smart Research Guitar DI Features:

  • Balanced line driver for long cables
  • Speaker level DI input, and one unity gain DI Box/Splitter for two DI or Amp feeds.
  • Since then producers and artists such as Tom Lord Alge, Peter Gabriel, Paul Weller, and Tears for Fears have bought systems.
  • The system comprises a TRANSMIT box and RECEIVE box:
    • The TRANSMIT box has a high impedance input and line driver, which will drive long cables to the RECEIVE box input, which feeds the DI/splitter giving two isolated outputs.
    • The RECEIVE unit has a speaker simulator input, so you can plug the speaker output of an amp in for ‘dirty’ DI sounds with or without a speaker connected.
  • DI/splitters have break jack inputs and can be used as separate DI’s if desired, as well as earth lift switches to stop hum problems.
  • This means there are a total of 2 outputs; a line driver and receiver; and a speaker simulator.
  • Also available Smart Guitar DI – Deluxe with 4 x DI box / Splitter.

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