Schertler Dyn-V Set for Violin & Viola

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For violin and viola

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The Schertler DYN-V Set for violin and viola is the most natural acoustic transducer on the market. For orchestral amplification in a moderately loud environment, this electrodynamic microphone is the sound engineer’s first choice. DYN-V is an accurate, natural-sounding transducer for the violinist seeking to amplify the true sound of the instrument.
Balanced, low impedance output through an XLR connector means DYN-V connects directly into a microphone input of the studio or stage mixer. The application and use of Schertler DYN-Series transducers is extremely simple and safe. Special inert adhesive putty is provided to mount the pickup to the instrument body. The best location for your sound is quickly found through our indications or through experimentation with placement.
As with other Schertler electrostatic and electrodynamic transducers, DYN-V works best through a full-range amplification system such as the Schertler PRE-A-III preamplifier and, for example, the Schertler PUB 280 active loudspeaker.

Schertler Dyn-V Set Technical Specifications:

Mechanical Decoupling Butterworth 2nd order, Q=0.6
Nominal Impedance 1500ohm / 1000Hz
Frequency Response 60Hz to 18 KHz +/- 3dBu
Dynamic Range 139dB, 145dB Typical
Equivalent Output Noise 16dB/0dB=0.002%
Sensitivity 20mV/g
Sens. On Instrument ca. -32dBu
Temperature Range -20°C to +70°C
Contacts all hard gold 0.5um plated
Connection XLR, Balanced (2.2m)

0dBu <=> 0.775V

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