Schertler STAT-B Set

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Pickup for Double Bass

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Stephan Schertler’s classic transducer and first product, the STAT-B established his reputation for innovation. First introduced in 1986, today thousands of double bassists throughout the world depend on the STAT-B.

The patented Schertler STAT-B electrostatic bridge pickup stands out for its high feedback resistance and for delivering an impressive bridge tone without the harshness or distortion of piezo pickups.

A very simple system that delivers the complex tone of the double bass, STAT-B works with any bass amplifier but provides the best reproduction through a full-range system such as the Schertler PUB 280 and 380 active loudspeaker system with bass extension, for example. The standard STAT-B Set includes pickup, cable and the battery-powered STAT-PRE preamplifier with volume control.

Technical Specifications

Nominal Impedance 1.6 kohm
Frequency Response 20Hz to 12 KHz +/- 3dBu
Dynamic Range 75dB
Sens. On Instrument ca. -25dBu
Temperature Range -10°C to +50°C
Contacts gold plated
Connection Chinch (RCA) to mono Jack (phono plug)

0dBu <=> 0.775V

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