Rupert Neve Shelford Channel

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Transformer Gain Mic Pre, Inductor EQ, Diode Bridge Compressor

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Rupert Neve Shelford Channel a Whole New Vintage

Described as the definitive evolution of Rupert Neve’s most prized classic console modules, the new Rupert Neve Shelford Channel is a complete 1U channel strip. While the Shelford series name harks back to Neve’s garage workshop in the village of Little Shelford, Cambridgeshire in the UK where he developed some of his earliest consoles, this new channel features Neve’s first new transformer-gain, Class-A mic preamp in over 40 years.

Promising the best of old and new, this new preamp, which features gain, trim and high-pass filter controls, is followed by the same inductor EQ found in the existing Shelford 5051 and 5052 modules.

Something of a greatest-hits collection, this three-band equaliser features elements of the classic 1064 and 1073 modules, updated with modern components and circuit design. Finally, the diode bridge compressor is inspired by the vintage 2254 compressor/limiter but with vastly expanded functionality, including a blend control for parallel compression. Other features include variable transformer saturation and a new dual-tap output transformer with high- and low-headroom outputs.


  • Input stage and transformer-gain mic pre
  • Front-panel hi-Z direct input
  • The best-of-the-classics inductor EQ
  • The Super Diode-bridge Compressor
  • Dual-tap transformer output
  • The Silk and Texture controls
  • The magical sound of Neve
  • Manual here



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