Rupert Neve 545 Primary Source Enhancer

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500 Series Primary Source Enhancer

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Based around the circuitry in the acclaimed Portico 5045 – which has benefited countless tours, arenas, houses of worship and broadcast stages worldwide – the Rupert Neve 545 is a mono device for vocal or instrumental applications, and is compatible with any 500-Series rack.

Exceptionally useful at reducing feedback without negatively impacting the sonic integrity of the source, the 545 effectively increases the level of a live microphone signal before feedback occurs by up to 20dB. With simply laid out, easily adjustable controls, the 545 is an invaluable addition to any setup where feedback or reverberation are problematic.

Rupert Neve 545 Controls:

  • Engage: Illuminated push-button that engages the Primary Source Enhancer’s effect.
  • Active: This LED indicates when the 545 is actively affecting signal
  • Threshold: Sets the dBu level at which the Primary Source Enhancer engages.
  • Depth: The DEPTH knob controls the maximum amount of effect from the 545 – or in other words, how much attenuation is applied after the input signal falls below the set THRESHOLD. By rotating the DEPTH control clockwise from 0dB towards -20dB, the 545 will attenuate the input signal more dramatically, letting the user find the perfect balance between audibility of the Primary Source Enhancement effect and feedback reduction.
  • Fast: The FAST control is an illuminated push-button that selects between two available time constants, tuning the 545’s response by determining how quickly the attenuation occurs in the quiet sections between words or phrases. Without this button pressed, the 545 achieves a slower attack and release that is useful as a starting point for most sources. Pressing the FAST push-button engages the faster attack and release time constant, useful on more dynamic sources or passages where faster transient detection is necessary.
  • Peak: Illuminated push-button that selects between RMS and Peak detection modes. When illuminated, the 545 is in PEAK mode – useful for detecting faster transient peaks, and for creative dynamic envelope shaping. When not illuminated, the 545 is in RMS mode, which utilizes a slower, more averaged response characteristic in the sidechain.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 7.75“ (19.7 cm) x 10” (25.4 cm) x 3” (7.62 cm)
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