Reflexion Arts BX2 Subwoofer of 18″

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18 “subwoofer for theater, film studios and discotecs

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The Reflexion Arts BX2 is a 18 “subwoofer for theater, film studios and discotecs. Design by Philip Newell.

  • Low Frequency: 2 x McCauley 6174 in a 600 litres vented box tuned @ 16Hz
    • Sensitivity refered to 2.83V: 94dB @ 1m
    • Maximum continuous power handling: 29dBw
    • Transient headroom (200ms): 6dB
    • Frequency response (+/- 3dB): 20Hz-100kHz
  • System:
      • Acoustic output @1m in 2II space:
        • Continuous: 125dB
        • Peak: 131dB
    • Dimensions: 1120mm x 915mm x 610mm
    • Weight: 120kg
    • Colors: On spececial order
    • Recommended power amplifiers: Neva Audio NA3200AG

Some of the studios in Europe where Reflexion Arts BX1 have been installed

Academia Crash (Es) Auditel (Fr)

Discoteca Mantra (Pt)

Academia Crash

Academia Crash

Estudio auditel

Estudio Auditel

Discoteca Mantra

Discoteca Mantra