Reflexia Black Hole, sand-filled stands for speakers

Custom speakers stands with easy opening and close hole for dry sand filled. Price per pair

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Reflexia Black Hole stands are super stable with a floor base that normally exceeds in 40% the surface of the upper base where the monitors rest, in the same way that it doubles its thickness (two glued constrained layers that guarantee resonance free robustness). Made entirely of water-resistent, high-density MDF and lacquered in matt black, they present a very nice finish, suitable for a recording, mastering or post-production studio. The lower base sits on the floor on top 3 rubber strips that guarantee its total isolation in relation to the structure of the room. A pair of 3mm self-adhesive rubber strips (optional) can be placed on each of the upper platforms in order to avoid vibrations and movements of the monitors on top. In addition to the “black hole” dedicated to the sand filling, the Reflexia have two other openings on the back, connected between them by a tube, through which an IEC power connector and the signal or the speaker cable can be passed through, in order to elegantly organize the cables in the studio.

Reflexia Black Hole can take you to another dimension in the acoustic response of your monitors. Even if it only absorbs the dry sand with which you must fill its tower…

Procedure is quite simple:

Reflexia agujero

  1. Rotate the lid of the Black Hole, pull it and remove it.
  2. Helped by a 55mm diametre funnel pour the DRY sand into the stand tower.
  3. Replace the lid (applying a little pressure) and close it.


Pictures show the two standard models with the following dimensions:

  • AF Model
    • 2 units pack
    • Height: 1088mm
    • Tower: 200mm x 200mm
    • Lower base 580mm x 480mm
    • Upper base 480mm x 330mm.
    • Weight: 16,90kg per unit.
    • Designed to support monitors such as ATC SCM25, SCM45 or Focal SM9, keeping the acoustic center closer to 1,25 m height
  • L Model
    • 2 units pack.
    • Heigh: 1188mm
    • Tower: 150mm x 150mm
    • Lower base: 400mm x 300mm
    • Upper base: 200mm x 250mm.
    • Weight:    kg per unit.
    • Designed to support monitors like Lepinski L-505A or Genelec 8040 keeping the acoustic center closer to 1.4m height in a mastering room.

Both models represent height (L) or wide (AF) maximum dimensions but this measures can be modified, at no extra cost, upon request.

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