Neumann KM 183 Stereo Set

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Small-diaphragm Matched Pair of Neumann KM183 Omni Microphones

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Professional recording engineers and producers praise the Neumann KM 183 Stereo Set for its ability to capture a precise, clean sound from a variety of acoustic instruments – acoustic guitar, wind instruments, strings, even percussion and drums. But although the big studios may love it, the KM 183 was really designed to provide that big studio sound quality to the project and home studio owner, at a very affordable price.

The omnidirectional KM 183 miniature microphone is a very versatile recording tool, able to deliver the subtle nuances of certain sounds that can really make a difference to a listener. Use the KM 183 to “close-mic” acoustic instruments like guitars, winds, strings, percussion and more. It also does an excellent job capturing the “feel” of a room, transferring those special acoustic qualities on to a recording.

The Neumann KM 183 also makes a great spot mic for pianos, choirs, organs, winds, etc. Get the jump on what is already become the new standard for studio microphones.

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