Manley Slam Mastering Version Compressor

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Analog Stereo Electro-Optical and FET Limiter for Mastering Use

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The Manley Slam Mastering Version offers a step beyond the original SLAM!, with no mic preamps, dedicated mode switches for the ELOP and FET limiters and additional ELOP limiting ratios and FET limiter modes. Slam Mastering Version incorporates detented and loggable 1/2dB steps built with 1% metal film resistors on sealed gold-contact Grayhill switches.

Manley Slam Mastering Features:

  • No mic preamps or instrument inputs. Instead the tube sections are paralleled for lower noise and distortion
  • All pots are replaced with rotary switches for detented resettability and easier calibration
  • The mastering version has a true hard-wire bypass function, which is not possible on the regular version with mic preamps, etc. What was the Left Bypass, becomes the full Bypass (in stereo and hardwired). No separate L & R bypass buttons
  • There are dedicated unbalanced transformerless inputs on the mastering version. What was the Phantom Power switch on the back now selects XLR or 1/4″ inputs
  • The ELOP limiter now has 5 ratios, which may put it into the compressor/limiter category. The lower ratios may be better suited for complex mixes
  • The FET limiter has 5 modes (these last two features replace the INPUT selector)
  • Size: 19″ X 12″ X 3.5″ (occupies 2 RU)
  • Shipping Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Manual here

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