Lynx TWO, Multichannel Audio Interface

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24-bit/192kHz Multichannel audio interface

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The Lynx TWO model, with four analog inputs and outputs, is intended for general usage.

Lynx TWO’s powerful 16-channel mixer allows extensive routing, control and metering with excellent visual reference. With the latest software, you can mix up to four inputs to any of 16 outputs. In addition to the inputs and outputs on the LynxTWO, the mixer incorporates program material from the optional LS-ADAT daughter card or from Aurora converters.

With a design very similar to that of Lynx’s highly acclaimed Aurora converters, LynxTWO delivers near Aurora-quality specs and performance in the compact PCI card format. In fact, using the optional LynxTWO/Aurora Interface Kit, your LynxTWO can act as the computer interface and front end for the Aurora converter.

If you want the same audio quality of the LynxTWO, but only need two channels and do not need SMTPE capabilities, check out the Lynx E22.

Lynx Two Features:

  • 4 In / Out
  • 200kHz sample rate / 100kHz analog bandwidth (Supported with all drivers)
  • 24-bit AES3 or S/PDIF I/O with full status and subcode support
  • Up to 8 LynxTWOs can be installed in one Windows computer; up to three in Macintosh computers
  • Sample rate conversion on digital input
  • Non-audio digital I/O support for Dolby Digital® and HDCD
  • 32-channel / 32-bit digital mixer with 16 sub outputs
  • Multiple either algorithms per channel
  • SMPTE time code reader and generator with MTC conversion
  • L2 Audio, L2 Sync and S/SPDIF adapter cables included

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