Heritage Audio Successor Stereo bus compressor

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Neve style stereo bus compressor

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The Heritage Audio Successor is a class A stereo bus compressor based on the legendary diode bridge designs. It maintains the sonic character of its predecessors while adding new features that make it a a new beast on its own. Heritage Audio Successor compression delivers a classic sound of vintage British compressors with Carnhill transformer balanced inputs and outputs. The attack and release times are faster and with the Mix/Dry mix control we will have a powerful parallel compression. Step controls offer precise settings and easy parameter recall.


Heritage Audio Successor Features

  • Class-A stereo bus compressor
  • Ideal for recording percussion instruments, processing mixes or mastering.
  • True Stereo operation for extremely precise control between channels
  • Sidechain filtering and advanced parallel processing
  • Class A output stages deliver the classic Neve 1073 sound
  • BLEND mode to compare between WET and DRY options
  • Carnhill transformers with balanced inputs and outputs to add a vintage touch.
  • Oxford working mode (Channel with highest signal level controls compression)
  • Ultra-fast attack and release times.
  • Gain Reduction Analog Vu Meter
  • Rear connections with sidechain send and return (TRS) to add external processors.
  • 2 inputs and outputs with XLR connectors
  • Step controls for more precise selection.
  • Switches:
    • Dynamics In: Activates compression (Even without being activated it adds color to the signal)
    • Blend On: Activates the BLEND control (If it is in the OFF position, the signal is in WET mode)
    • Ext. Sidechain: Takes the Return signal if we have inserted an external processor
  • Controls:
    • Threshold: With extended range from +20 dBu to -20 dBu
    • Ratio: With 6 steps. From a very smooth 1.5:1 to 20:1 on the LIMIT option
    • Attack: From ultra-fast 20 μs to smooth 20 ms
    • Release: From 25 ms to 0.4 sec. Includes two automatic options
    • SC Filter (Sidechain Filter): High-Pass at 80, 160 and 5000 Hz. Low-Pass at 1.5 Khz and emphasis at 1 and 3 KHz
    • Make up: From 0 to 10 dB in steps of 2 dB
    • Blend: For parallel compression between Wet and Dry
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz – 30kHz (±1dB)
  • External power supply
  • User manual here.


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