Heritage Audio OST-10 v2.0 10 slots lunchbox

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10 slots 500-series lunchbox

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The Heritage Audio OST-10 V2.0 500 series lunchbox is designed for racking 10 500-series modules, including ‘double wide’ modules, the most demanding class-A and vacuum tube designs. The V2.0 model includes two new features: The Link option, allowing each channel to be linked over to the next by pressing the LINK button on the back panel, no patch cables required! and LED indicator on the front panel to very easily check the power supply of the lunchbox. Like all Heritage Audio equipment, the enclosures are designed using the best components without ever compromising audio quality.

The Heritage Audio OST-10 v2.0 employs Heritage Audio’s OST (On Slot Technology) which provides maximum protection, filtering and isolation to each module. The power of each slot is individually regulated and isolated from the rest. This allows each module to be completely separate and to function optimally and independently, avoiding problems associated with energy sharing between modules.


Heritage Audio OST-10 v2.0 Features

  • 10 slots lunchbox for 500-Series modules
  • LINK button on the back panel to link the output of one channel with the input of the next
  • XLR input and output connectors
  • OST (On Slot Technology) Version 2.0
  • Independent power of each module for optimal performance and isolation
  • Power switch on the front panel
  • LED indicator on the front panel to check the power supply
  • Supports Phantom Power +48V
  • External power supply
  • Maximum current consumption: 400 mA per slot (Total: 1.6 A)
  • Dimensions: 3U
  • Modules not included


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