Heritage Audio DTT73 2-channel mic preamp

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Tabletop Mic and DI preamp with the classic sound of the 1073

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The Heritage Audio DTT73 is a 2-channel desktop format mic and DI preamplifier, a portable solution to always have the sound of the classic 1073 at hand. A new feature in the range of desktop units is the THRU option that allows to combine the sound of the preamp with instrument amplifiers, making the Heritage Audio DTT73 a very versatile tool for live performances. The combination of wood and RAF blue gray steel makes the tabletop units aesthetically stand out in any professional stage or recording environment.


Heritage Audio DTT73 Features

  • 2-channel tabletop Mic and DI preamp with the classic sound of the 1073
  • Class A circuit with 80 dB of gain
  • Ideal for studios or live performances
  • Switches:
    • LOZ: Changes the mic input impedance from 1200 Ω to 300 Ω
    • PAD: -20dB Attenuation
    • LINE: Switch from Mic/DI to Line
    • Phantom Power +48v
    • PHASE: Phase inversion.
    • High Pass Filter: 80 Hz
  • Controls:
    • Input gain
    • Output attenuator
  • Independent XLR inputs for mic and line
  • 2 DI Input Jack
  • 2 THRU for use with instrument amplifiers
  • XLR line out
  • GND LIFT switch to avoid ground “hum” in simultaneous use with instrument amps
  • Top panel handle for easy transport
  • Optimized internal power supply
  • Available in a single channel version


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