Empirical Labs ELQ LilFrEQ Mono EQ

3.196 2.642+VAT

1-channel EQ with High and Low Shelving, Parametric EQ, and a Dynamic EQ Section

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The Empirical Labs ELQ LilFrEQ is designed to be most of what an engineer needs crammed into a single-rackspace unit. Included in this great- sounding box is a great EQ with High Pass, High and Low Shelving, and Parametric EQ. To control dynamics, the Lil FrEQ has a compressor-like circuit to alleviate problem areas such as sibilance.

Empirical Labs ELQ Lil FrEQFeatures:

  • Effective and Versatile EQ
  • Dynamics Control
  • DC-coupled Input and Outputs
  • Freq. Response: 5 Hz to 140 kHz
  • Dynamic Range: 120 dB
  • DC coupled Input and Outputs and one transformer coupled Output
  • High quality audio caps used internally.
  • Dynamic Time Constants
  • Attack is approximately .5 mS. Release .04 sec, fixed internally

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