Empirical Labs Arousor, Distressor Plug-in

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Distressor Plug-in

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The Empirical Labs Arousor is a software plug-in audio Compressor, that was designed to finally offer the sound and features from our own award winning compressors, most notably, the Distressor. Download version.

NEW REV 3.1:

  • New Stereo Link Options – Users now have four versatile choices.
    • Image Link – (Original Arousor stereo link method) Locks LR Gain Reduction so stereo image cannot shift.
    • Phase Link – (Original Distressor Link) Sums LR Audio for phase detection, but does not lock LR Gain Reduction.
    • Hybrid Link – (Combines both Image and Phase Link) Locks L/R Gain Reduction, but compensates for phase.
    • None –  Each channel compresses independently, but share the same compressor settings.
  • A-B Compare – You can now A-B compare two settings on an Arousor instance making it risk free to experiment.
  • Compensating input output gain. Holding shift while adjusting Input gain decreases Output gain by same amount and vice-versa.
  • Two New Presets from Customers: DibS Bass + DibS Drum Rm Squash
  • OPTO A-B was renamed to OPTO 1-2 to prevent current and future confusion with new A-B Compare function. (OPTO sound hasn’t changed)
  • Resize GUI is now persistent across instances.
  • New tool tips and updated help menu to help navigate new and old features.
  • Minor Bug Fixes reported on Rev 3.0
  • Now available with Native Apple Silicon systems


Empirical Labs Arousor

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