Dynaudio LYD-7, 7″ Powered Studio Monitor

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Compact nearfield personal monitors for incredible precision in smaller spaces

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Dynaudio LYD-7, with its low-volume precision, is the ideal complement for any small studio set-up.

This monitor uses sophisticated DSP to extend or its curtail low-frequency response by 10Hz, while Position and Sound Balance controls let you fine-tune for total neutrality in your environment. Its larger 7in woofer helps extend bass, while the low-mass aluminium voice-coil, vented ferrite magnet and MSP driver take care of precision. The monitor offers several options for tweaking the sound for your environment. Switches are provided for tonal boosting or cutting, to better suit your particular room placement.

Dynaudio LYD series is making clean sound. There are 4 models:  LYD-5, LYD-7, LYD-8 & LYD-48

Dynaudio LYD-7 Features:

  • Pro sound for the home or project studio
  • Sounds the same at all volume levels
  • 7″ woofer with low-mass aluminum voice coil responds fast and accurately
  • Coated fabric dome tweeter exhibits a natural top end
  • Tweeter tripod prevents accidental damage
  • Dual 50-watt Class D amplifiers are light and loud
  • Position switch filters out wall interference – great for small rooms
  • Sound Balance selector caters to your mix environment with phase-free Neutral, Bright, and Dark filters
  • Bass Extension selector controls low-frequency energy with 0Hz, +10Hz, and -10Hz switches
  • 3-way sensitivity switch in 6dB increments
  • XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced inputs
  • Monitors sold individually
  • Dimensions: 186 x 320 x 296mm
  • Weight:: 8kg
  • Two colours available: white & black

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