Dynaudio Core 59 3-way studio monitor

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Active Studio Nearfield/Midfield/Main Monitor with Class D. 9,5″. Price per unit

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The Dynaudio Core 59 is three-way speaker features uncompromising class-D amplification, cutting-edge DSP, and a super-inert 32mm-thick baffle, this 3-way speaker delivers flat frequency response from 42Hz to 21kHz (±3dB).

Dynaudio has long been known for their sweet-sounding soft-dome tweeters; their latest 1″ Esotar Pro HF driver builds on this heritage, providing hours of pinpoint imaging detail without the listening fatigue that plagues many other monitor designs. Dynaudio’s proprietary 5″ MSP cone midrange carries the critical vocal range, allowing you to make decisions on vocal balances and solo instruments with complete confidence.

It 9.5″ long-excursion woofer controls the bottom end without sacrificing powerfully deep low-frequency extension. Depending on your needs and control room size, the Core 59’s innovative Orbit baffle allows flexible positioning for use nearfield, midfield, or as a main monitor — or even soffit-mounted. However you use it, the Dynaudio Core 59 is a serious tool for the discerning audio professional.

Features Dynaudio Core 59:

  • 1″ tweeter, 5″ midrange, 9.5″ woofer
  • Class D Pascal tri-amplification: HF 150 watts / MF 500 watts / LF 500 watts
  • Front-loaded bass reflex cabinet design
  • Frequency response: 42Hz–21kHz ±3dB (36Hz–24kHz -6dB)
  • All drivers handcrafted by Dynaudio in Denmark
  • Core DSP optimizes imaging, balance, and bass extension
  • Analog and digital inputs
  • Sampling rate: 192kHz, resolution: 64-bit; dependent on input signal
  • Maximum SPL: 112dB at 1m anechoic, 118dB half space
  • Crossover frequencies: 312.5Hz (LF/MF) / 5100Hz (MF/HF)
  • Dimensions: 11″ W x 15″ D x 21.6875″ H
  • Weight: 54.2 lbs.
  • Manual here

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