For several years in a row, orders for Buso Audio desks have not stopped growing at Reflexion. And it is not surprising if we bear in mind that quality and price go hand in hand and also if we consider its beautiful design, in whatever color that best suits your space. All that, together with its functionality, it’s a studio owner’s dream. That is why the new Buso desks promise and bring new possibilities to put some order on all your pots and pans.

New Buso AudioAmong their extensive list of models, they have options suitable for all kinds of spaces, whether small or large, as well as for those customers who simply want a desktopo surface, as well as those who simply want to rack-mount their devices. No to be forgotten their customised desks for the most popular audio consoles, such as Audient, API, Midas and SSL, their floor racks or the adjustable stands for monitors.

They have recently introduced 4 new models. Three of them included in their Producer series and the fourth in the new Master range, where rack space is essential and provides nothing more and nothing less than 2 x10U angled racks to keep all that audio equipment close at hand.

New Buso Desks:

Let’s start with the new Producer:

The Producer 2 and Producer 3 are two compact workstations, perfect for small rooms, including 2 x 5U rack space and a 61 key, keyboard tray or 3 x 5U rack space anda 88 key, keyboard tray respectively. Both are great for a hybrid analog-digital workflow. They include a top shelf for a pair of monitors and a screen.

But within this range, definitely the one that surprises us the most is the Producer Control, where you can design your own workflow, thanks to its adjustable rack slot for the most emblematic controllers, such as the SSL UF-8, SSL UC-1 , Avid Artist, and many others. In addition, its adjustable keyboard tray is also suitable for most 61-key keyboards.

And the new Master range, what a surprise does it bring us?

So far, Buso has only introduced a single model from this new range, but we believe that quite soon we see new ideas. As its name suggests, it is designed for mastering. With 2x10U rack and its tilted design, it increases working comfort, reduces reflections and prevents sound interference. Like other models, you can add a rack kit between the desk stands for a larger 2x10U rack.

New Buso Audio

About Buso Audio

The Dutch company Buso Audio with manufacturing in Hungary was founded in 2012. Soon after, their great success led them to open a second factory in Budapest to design and manufacture furniture for professional recording studios, mastering studios and home studios. Each workstation is hand-built giving special attention to comfort, ergonomics, and functionality. They are also durable and and carefully designed to the smallest details, in order to make their workstations the number one option for any workspace. Due to supply problems in the last 3 years and also given the enormous demand, estimated delivery time is, at least, 9 weeks, but believe us, they are worth the wait. Each model is available in several colors to choose from such as black/cherry, black/beech, black/black, white/beech and white/white.

If you have been considering going for one, please ask us for a quote for any model. The whole range here.