It is with great satisfaction that, finally, we can divulge more details about the last work in which we have been “submerged” in the last 4 months: Métrica Recording Studio.

It is a rather peculiar recording studio, located inside the Hotel Garbi, in Sant Jordi de Ses Salines, just next to the city of Eivissa, in the Balearic Islands. Ibiza is an incredibly attractive island and not only because of the parties that are set there. There is much more to know and see through these places.

Hotel Garbi is an excellent hotel, located in front of the sea, with unbeatable conditions and, now, housing a studio, consisting of 3 acoustically treated spaces, built and installed to completion by Reflexion Arts team, under the supervision of Julius Newell.

The design of the control-room and of the recording / 3D sound room — we will talk about it later – has been the responsibility of Philip Newell and it has taken, exactly, 63 days to be built by a team of eight specialists, although only five people were working at any one time. Three of them have remained for 3 more weeks, to carry out the entire installation of audio and data cabling and the complete set-up of all the equipment. The electrical installation and lighting, as well as the ventilation system, have also been the responsibility of the team.

metrica sound noticia 2In the control room, an Avid S6 is the center of attention, surrounded by racks manufactured by Reflexion Arts filled with auxiliary equipment such as Distressors, Thermionic Culture, API, Drawmer, Heritage Audio or Universal Audio, while the conversion is makes through the new Lynx Aurora (n) 32HD.

In the control room, the main monitors are a Julius Newell design, also based on the AX2 axis-symmetric horn with the TAD motor, a 15″ by Beyma and Hypex amplification. It also has a couple of Neumann KH310A.

The recording room has a very peculiar assembly inside, as well as being dedicated to the recording of instruments, which the studio includes on its back-line list, this room will be used for immersive 3D and Binaural sound experiences. For that, PMC has installed 25 TwoTwo 5 monitors and two TwoTwo 8 monitors in a complicated network of tubes placed so as not to interfere with the recordings.

In front of the production and administration team of the Métrica Recording Studio, we find Javier Ferrer, a renowned producer and sound engineer who confesses that he can not be happier with his “new house”.

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