The Lynx LT-DANTE is a Dante™ enabled expansion card for audio networking that connects Hilo and Aurora with other Dante-enabled products over Ethernet-based networks for studios, live, broadcast and installed audio systems.

The new models are:

  • LT-Dante LSlot card
  • Aurora 8-DNT Aurora 8 with an LT-Dante factory installed
  • Aurora 16-DNT Aurora 16 with an LT-Dante factory installed
  • Hilo-DNT Hilo with an LT-Dante factory installed

US MAP prices are: LT-DANTE $695; Hilo-DT $2695; Aurora 8-DT $2295; Aurora 16-DT $3195.


All new Dante models will be available in December


As we’ve monitored the growth of audio over IP and Dante in particular, it became clear that we needed to take advantage of Aurora’s and Hilo’s expandability and create a range of Dante enabled Lynx products. Not only does this continue to keep Aurora and Hilo in the forefront of audio performance, but it allows these converters to be included in multitudes of Dante installations and live applications now and into the future. What we’ve witnessed in development of these networked products is they simply work, and it’s the very plug-and-play nature of Dante that was so attractive for us as a manufacturer.