What is the Lewitt music challenge?

The LEWITT music challenge is a recurrent event for the audio community connecting creative people from all over the world. We provide the stems of a song – in this case performed by spitting Ibex – as downloadable audio tracks. People can create a mix or a remix and share their new version of the song through YouTube and Soundcloud and enter their submission on the LEWITT website for a chance to win a studio mic bundle. At the same time, we run a worldwide marketing campaign around the music challenge to promote the microphones and get people to engage with our brand in a very positive way.

Of course, everything is recorded with LEWITT microphones in our studio.

What is myLEWITT?

myLEWITT is a dedicated log-in area, which is initially designed to get people to listen to submissions of the music challenge, participate, share their entries, and engage with the community.
In the future, myLEWITT will be expanded and become a hub for audio-related topics. Users will be able to register their LEWITT gear, receive members-only and educational content, but also access fun stuff on recording and audio topics.

LEWITT Music Challenge

Win an awesome studio mic bundle with Lewitt music challenge:

1st prize


How to participate:

  1. Sign up for free and download the multitracks here.
  2. Mix, remix, be creative, and make your own version of the song “The Seeds of your Sorrow”
  3. Upload it on Youtube or Soundcloud and submit your track on myLEWITT until June 16th, 2021
  4. Share your track with your friends and fans to increase the chance of winning this contest
  5. Winners will be announced on June 30th, 2021 on Lewitt Social Media.


More information in lewitt-audio.com/mix