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Loudspeaker Cables for high frequency transducers – A further assessment

At the Reproduced Sound 18 conference, in 2002, a paper was presented (by the same authors) on the subject of how loudspeaker cables of different construction may affect, in different ways, the electrical signals which they are passing. The aim was to try to find justification for the widespread view that the sound character of loudspeaker / amplifier combinations can be influenced by the cables which interconnect them. As a result of the above .
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The effects of various types of cables on the performance of high frequency loudspeakers

1. INTRODUCTION It is now around 30 years since the subject of the audibility of the effect of different loudspeaker cables became a vogue topic. Nevertheless, despite the specialist loudspeaker cable industry now having achieved a considerable size, world-wide, the controvertiality of the subject has still not been resolved. We read from John Watkinson, a well-known commentator on the subject “I have never detected a difference in sound whatever way the cable is facing.” .
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