Schertler STAT-V Set for Violin & Viola

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For violin and viola

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The patented Schertler STAT-V Set electrostatic bridge pickup for violin and viola stands out for its high feedback resistance and for delivering an impressive bridge tone without the harshness or distortion of piezo pickups. Located under the high string in the bridge wing cutout, STAT-V delivers a direct and punchy sound.

Unlike shrill or metallic piezo pickups, STAT-V accurately reproduces the warm sound of your strings. The bottom of the violin/viola sound is impressively reproduced with all its depth and body, while the highs are clear and bright.

The STAT-V is the choice for a loud musical environment. The standard STAT-V Set includes pickup, cable and the battery-powered STAT-PRE preamplifier with volume control.

Amplification may be managed by the house PA or with a full-range amplifier system such as for example the Schertler PUB 280 active loudspeaker.

Schertler STAT-V Set Technical Specifications:

Nominal Impedance 2 kohm
Frequency Response 60Hz to 12 KHz +/- 3dBu
Dynamic Range 70dB
Sens. On Instrument ca. -20dBu
Temperature Range -10°C to +50°C
Contacts gold plated
Connection Binder to mono Jack (phono plug) – 2.25m

0dBu <=> 0.775V

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