Park Audio V4-1800 MKIII Power Amplifier

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Power amplifier, 2 x 900 watt 4ohm, 2 x 500 watt 8ohm.

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The Park Audio V4-1800 is an analog power amplifier for wide range of applications. Is enclosed in a casing of the 2U height. The amplifier is designed to be installed into a standard 19″ rack. 2 x 900 watt 4ohm, 2 x 500 watt 8ohm.

V-series amplifiers have high efficiency analog H-class topology and reliable classic power supply, based on toroidal transformer. Built-in crossover allows to use the amps in 2-way sound reinforcement systems

All the protection systems are independent. One channel failure does not impact the operability of the other. Cooling is independent for each channel. Fan direction is from front to back. The unit is provided with smooth automatic cooling control system which changes its intensity depending on the temperature of the output stage. Both channels share the same power supply toroid transformer-based source.

Specifications Park Audio V4-1800 MKIII:

Output power/Ch.
RMS 2 ohm
RMS 4 ohm


RMS 8 ohm


Peak 2 ohm
Peak 4 ohm


Peak 8 ohm


Bridge 4Ohm

Bridge 8Ohm


AC Power 10A
Frequency response* 20Hz … 20kHz (+/- 0.2 dB, full power)
Total Harmonic Dist. 0.003 % (1kHz) 0.02% (20 … 20kHz)
Damping Factor 400(1kHz, 8Ohm)
Signal-to-Noise 100dB(unweighted)
Crossover Freq.** 125Hz,12dB/Oct. HP or LP

16 Kg

Cooling From the front to the back
Dimensions 482mm(width)
2U(height in rack)
375mm(depth in rack)
* Cutoff filters are disabled, 30 Hz, 50 Hz
** Only when a crossover-equipped input is installed

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