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The variable condenser miniature microphone system

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The modular KM A / KM D miniature microphone system is a further development of the successful KM 100 series. The newly developed passive capsule design is available with 8 different directional characteristics, and can be combined modularly as desired with an analog (KM A) or digital (KM D) output stage in accordance with the AES 42 standard. The new, considerably smaller microphone capsules and an extensive program of accessories permit excellent adaptation of the microphone system to a wide range of applications.

Through the use of the most up-to-date electronic components the system offers many electroacoustic and operational advantages, such as lower self-noise, a wider dynamic range and very high immunity to electromagnetic interference. The acoustics of the capsules were taken from the proven KM 100 system.


Overview of Microphone Capsules:
  • KK 120: Figure-8
  • KK 131: Omni (free-field equalized pressure transducer)
  • KK 133: Omni (diffuse-field equalized pressure transducer/capsule including titanium diaphragm with exceptional acoustic properties)
  • KK 183: Omni (diffuse-field equalized pressure transducer)
  • KK 143: Wide-angle cardioid
  • KK 145: Cardioid with acoustic bass roll-off in free field
  • KK 184: Cardioid
  • KK 185: Hypercardioid



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