MTR PPS-2 Phantom Power Supply

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24 volt Phantom Power Supply

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The MTR PPS-2 is a two channel 24 volt phantom power supply designed to power many types of popular condenser mics. Both channels can be used simultaneously. Powered by three regular PP3 batteries, or re-chargeable batteries which can be charged in situ via the 3.5mm jack socket (which is link-protected), or from an external DC supply. A ‘low-battery’ led illuminates when battery power falls below approx. 12 volts. If the mics need less than 24v, just one or two batteries can be used, with the battery terminals clipped together. Two pcb links can be cut if hum loops occur.

MTR PPS-2 Specifications

  • Input Impedance/Level: 47Kohm / ·25 volts max.
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20KHz ±1dB
  • XLR pin assignment: Pins 2&3 live, Pin 1 earth
  • Led Indicators: Battery low, approx. 12v, 24 volt DC present, 24 volt re-charge
  • Power requirements: 1, 2 or 3 PP3 batteries or rechargeable batteries or 24v external DC psu via 3.1mm socket
  • Re-Charge Input: 3.5mm mini-jack socket

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