MTR HPA-2 MKII Headphone Amp

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Headphone Amp. Two Channels

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The MTR HPA-2 MKII is derived from MTR HPA-6 model, this smaller stand-alone version has one stereo input and one Aux. input on ¼” jacks, a Loudness button, and two headphone outputs, each with a volume control and a mono button. It is mains powered, with a rear panel on/off switch and fuse.

Multiple units can be scattered around the studio, and the Aux. input allows the electronic musician to set his own level relative to the foldback. Also used by club DJ’s with mixers having an inadequate headphone amp.

Specifications are as the HPA-6 except the Loudness button, which gives 6dB boost at 160Hz and 10kHz.

  • Weight: 2 kilos.
  • Dimensions: 225mm wide, 162mm deep, 70mm high.

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