Lynx Aurora (n) 32 TB 3 converter

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32-channel AD/DA Converter with thunderbolt 3 card. Please contact if you’re looking for killer price,

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The Lynx Aurora (n) 32 TB 3 have a LSlot expansion slots allow for a wide array of current connectivity options to include Thunderbolt, Dante, ProTools|HD and future formats.

Expandable audio I/O modules are being developed to include pre amp, analog summing, digital I/O (AES3 + ADAT) which will be available in 2017. This makes for a Lynx Aurora (n) 32 TB 3 that will perform exceptionally for you now and remain innovative well into the future.

Also added to the line are two audiophile-grade headphone outs with independent volume control. A 480 X 128 TFT LCD display provides immediate access to all levels and functions – also configurable for future functionality.

Hilo Converter Technology (HCT):

Design and technology borrowed from the development of the Hilo is used to significantly improve specifications and transparency over previous models while attaining stunning Hilo-like performance.

SynchroLock 2™:

All new SynchroLock 2™ high-performance sample clock technology provides a whopping 300,000:1 reduction in jitter, 5 second lock time and absolute accuracy. Word clock I/O provides one input and three outputs on BNC connectors.


  • 32 channel
  • Complete redesign integrating Hilo Converter Technology (HCT) for analog I/O achieving significant improvements in transparency and reductions of both noise and distortion.
  • LSlotTM expansion slot for Thunderbolt, Dante, ProTools|HD connectivity and more.
  • Configurable I/O – pre-amp, summing & AES3+ADAT modules to be released in 2017.
  • Up to 32-channels of real-time recording and playback via on-board Micro SD card
  • 2 audiophile-grade headphone outputs
  • 1 in/3 out Word clock I/O with Lynx exclusive second generation SynchroLock-2 sample clock technology
  • Universal power supply
  • TB3 (Thunderbolt) card included.
  • Designed and built in the USA

Lynx Aurora (n) 32 TB 3, the next generation interface.

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