Kahayan 4K7 Vintage Tube Microphone

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Vintage tube microphone. Inspired by U47

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​The Microphone Kahayan 4K7, is inspired by the legendary U47. After many years of restoration and repair of many U47’s, he had the idea of making  the Pablo Kahayan microphone taking the best from each of the mics that have passed through his hands.

Specifications Kahayan 4K7

  • M7 capsule
  • Transformer type BV8​
  • EF14/EF12- original tube (vintage and subject to availability) ​
  • Stabilized Power Supply.​
  • Aluminium body.​
  • Polar patterns: cardioid and omni.
  • Character Control:
    • Soft: Gentle Sound
    • Hard: Strong Sound
    • Medium: Standard Sound
  • Includes: ​Microphone, cables, locking case, power suply stabilized, shock mount, wooden box.
  • Manual here

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Weight 10 kg