Drawmer DMS-4 M-Clock Lite

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AES Grade 1 Master Clock

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A high-stability master clock generator! Designed as a sister to the acclaimed Drawmer M-Clock Plus, the name of the Drawmer DMS-4 M-Clock Lite should not fool you – this is a professional, high-stability master clock generator, which is forward compatible with high speed clocks predicted for the future. The M-Clock Lite is simply streamlined, providing a simple, quality clock generator – without surplus features many studios will never need. M-Clock Lite features an AES Grade 1 master clock generator, meaning that the generated clock has a long term frequency accuracy of +/- 1ppm.

Drawmer DMS-4 M-Clock Lite Features:

  • High-stability and efficient
    Many clocks are complicated devices with many added features, which although useful, may be surplus to requirements. The M-Clock Lite is designed to effectively meet the requirements of most studios. The high-stability master clock offers clock rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, and 384kHz at extremely low jitter.
  • Ten outputs with two convenient front-panel outs
    The M-Clock Lite provides ten outputs. Eight are located at the rear of the device while two are on the front panel for conveniently connecting any portable equipment.
  • Handy external clock input
    The M-Clock Lite incorporates an external clock input so you can easily select an alternative clock source – without having to waste time re-routing all of your clock cables.
  • Manual here

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