Buso Audio Producer 88 Workstation

Modular table for study, with 2 x 6U upper frame and rack space 2 x 14RU.

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The Buso Audio Producer 88 studio workstation was engineered to reduce unwanted reflections and provide plenty of space for outboard gear. Comfortable throughout the longest sessions, the Master workstation will take any studio to the next level.

Buso Audio Producer 88 Features:

  • 2x6U angled rack space (expandable by 2x14U with Rack Kit)
  • 88-key keyboards
  • Angled to reduce unwanted reflections
  • Steel reinforced frame ensures rock solid construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Rack nuts pre-installed
  • Workbench height: 74 or 79 cm
  • Total heigh: 89 cm
  • Width: 206 cm
  • Deepth: 93 cm
  • Colors: beech/black, cherry/black, black/black, black/birch, white/white, withe/beech & white/birch


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Weight 10 kg

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