Bose Panaray 310M

Multi-Position Floor Monitor. PVP: 150€ (181,5€)

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Bose Panaray 310M: Multi-position floor monitor. In good conditions.

  • Three-in-one cabinet design provides smooth response and even
    coverage for multiple floor-monitor applications:
    • 45° position (individual mix)
    • Horizontal: 60°; Vertical: 120°
    • 40° position (group mix – shallow stage)
    • Horizontal: 120°; Vertical: 60°
    • 60° position (group mix – deep stage)
    • Horizontal: 120°; Vertical: 60°
  • Proprietary Articulated Array® speaker configuration with
    three 2.25″ (57 mm) mid-high frequency drivers combined with a single
    5.25″ (133 mm) woofer
  • Internal passive crossover network does not require active
  • Recessed NL4 connectors allow for easy cable concealment, which
    reduces clutter on stage
  • Rear bumper prevents unwanted movement


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