Audient ASP510 Surround Controller

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Control for Surround with Down-mix

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The Audient ASP510 integrates easily and seamlessly with any console or DAW based surround set-up to provide comprehensive control of the monitoring and record functions for multiple surround sound formats including: 5.1, LCRS, Dolby Surround, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio, DTS, and SACD.

The Audient ASP510 a perfect solution for various applications. Surround sound music production. DVD-V and DVD-A authoring. Film and Video Post-Production. Film Production and Foley. SACD authoring. DTS authoring. Video games production. Digital television. Audio visual production. Multi-channel OBs.

Audient ASP510 Features:

  • 8 inputs from console (5.1 Surround plus Stereo)
  • switchable 120Hz filter for subbass
  • Internal Pink Noise generator
  • Switchable Encoder/Decoder insertion
  • 6 preset Monitor Formats
  • Individual speaker Cut/Isolate functions
  • 8 outputs to recorders (5.1 Surround plus Stereo)
  • Ergonomic control surface with clear status indication
  • Supports three 5.1 Surround and three Stereo sources
  • Universal console Solo and Monitor system interface
  • 6 speaker outputs, each with Level Trim
  • Guide track input
  • User definable Monitor Reference and Dim levels

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