Cinemar Studio

Cinemar Studio

Milladoiro, Spain, (2005)

Cinemar is located in Milladoiro (A Coruña). This new, ultimate, film mixing room, fully designed by Philip Newell and built by Reflexion Arts team, is located in a warehouse located in an industrial area called Novo Milladoiro, near Santiago de Compostela. It is the first project of this scale to be held in Galicia and marks a turning point in the practice of bringing movies to Madrid or Barcelona in order to be mixed in a Dolby approved room.
estudio cinemar

Mixing Theatre

Uses a 5.1 monitor system by Reflexion Arts: three RA234, two subs RA BX1 and 10 JBL 8340A (surround) all driven by RA Studio II, Neva Audio NA3200 and RA Studio I, respectively.
Estudio Cinemar

Foley room during construction and finished waiting for the screen

In this room, which also functions as 5.0 pre-mixing room for music, 3 RA 239 driven by RA Studio II and 4 JBL 8340A, driven by RA Studio I, have been installed.
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