Violet Design The Finger Stereo

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Uses medium size, single diaphragm, cardioid pattern capsule

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Violet The Finger Stereo is a condenser microphone.

Violet Design The Finger Stereo uses a single medium diaphragm transducer to provide detailed sound with smooth transparent highs, optimal presence and natural low-end response with a unidirectional polar pattern. “The Finger” has a unique body design with an integrated tapered reflector which reduces resonances, removes reflections and optimizes the microphone’s cardioid polar pattern. Integrated damping of the transducer reduces stand rumble, outside infrasonic interference and mechanical shocks.

The optional and unique “FRR Reflection Ring” is a reflector disc which can be positioned at the head or anywhere along the body of the microphone to alter the polar pattern, frequency response and sensitivity.

Positioning the FRR at the end point of “The Finger’s” reflector alters low-frequency response and adds proximity effect. The FRR can also be used to separate the front and rear sides of the capsule and to reduce reflections and reverberation from reaching the capsule. Positioning the FRR on the capsule head’s top produces a polar pattern closer to a half-sphere pattern with less coloration at different angles, less proximity effect and adds sensitivity to all except high frequencies. It is even possible to use 2 FRRs, positioning one on the top of the head and one elsewhere on the body for effect.

Violet Design The Finger is available in 2 styles. “The Black Finger” has polished nickel-plated hardware and a matte black body. “The Gold Finger” has polished gold-plated hardware and a matte black body. Matched stereo pairs can be special ordered.


“The Finger” microphone suits a wide range of studio and stage situations. It is ideal for capturing vocals, speech, choir, and musical instruments as well as orchestral and most other sound sources. It is an excellent choice for broadcast radio and television, film production, sound reinforcement and other professional applications. In the home studio where there are generally fewer microphones available, it offers superb performance giving it outstanding value. Use of a studio pop filter and/or polyurethane open-cell foam windscreen is necessary for close voice applications, to protect the capsule from plosive sounds and breath, pop or wind noise. Matched stereo or surround sets can be special ordered to provide balanced recordings.

Technical specifications:

Diaphragm’s Diameter (inch/mm) .5″/14 mm
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Output Impedance 50 ohms
Rated Impedance 1000 ohms
Suggested Load Impedance > 250 ohms
Frequency Range 20 Hz to 20 kHz
Sensitivity @ 1000 Hz 12 mV/PA
S/N Ratio CCIR 468-3 Weighted 71 dB
S/N Ratio DIN/IEC 651 A-weighted 82 dB-A
Equivalent Noise Level 12 dB-A
Maximum SPL (<0.5% @ 1000 Hz) 140 dB
Preamplifier’s Dynamic Range 128 db
Electronics Type SS
Powering +48V Phantom or PSU PH
Polarity pin 2 in phase
Output Transformer N
Output Connector XLR-3M
Dimensions (inch/mm) 8.1 x .94″/207 x 24 mm
Weight (lbs/grams) 7.7 oz/200 g
Included Accessories Microphone comes in a solid wooden box, with a stand holder and a manual.
Optional Accessories PSM Shockmount
GSM Shockmount
FRR Reflection Ring

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

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