TC Electronic VPD 1, vintage pre-drive. Made in Denmark

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Vintage pre-drive pedal

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The TC Electronic VPD 1 vintage pre-drive pedal is a lot more than just an overdrive. With the additional boost section, top and mid boost, remote control, and a vintage-type speaker simulation, VPD1 is a genuinely versatile guitar pedal. The first edition, original pedal made in Denmark. Brand new.

  • Remote Control Connection – seamless integration with G-System.
  • Boost – when activated the drive channel is driven harder giving more overdrive.
  • Flat / Top Boost / Mid Boost – selector.
  • Boost Channel switch.
  • Drive – sets amount of drive on the drive channel.
  • Level – Sets the Output level of the pedal when active.
  • Bass – Bass attenuation for the Boost channel.
  • SPK SIM – Speaker Simulation – The filter simulates the frequency response of a vintage-style guitar speaker.
  • Tone – Use the Tone control to attenuate high-end frequencies. The Tone control operates on both channels.
  • Boost LED – Indicates when VPD1 is in Boost mode.
  • On LED – Indicates when VPD1 is active.
  • Original box included.
  • The original, made in Denmark, not China.

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