Summit Audio TPA-200B

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 Dual Tube Preamplifier.

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      The Summit Audio TPA-200B Dual Tube Preamplifier combines the best of two worlds: vacuum tubes and high quality solid state. This unique combination creates an environment that yields the warmth associated with tubes without the inherent high frequency loss while providing the reliability of solid state components. The TPA-200B is designed to work in a variety of applications using three input types: microphone input, line level input, and front panel Hi-Z input.

      The TPA-200B is a great companion in the studio as it works great for both recording and mixing. That’s right, mixing. Use the line inputs and run any signal through the TPA-200B to add a little warmth, or full tube distortion and any tone in between. The ability to control the input and output gains individually allow you to overdrive the tube in any amount when tracking or mixing, from very clean and clear to a riot of tube fuzz. But don’t let the three 12AX7A vacuum tubes fool you, the TPA-200B has an open and airy top end that shines with dynamic and diverse signals, even those with dense frequency content such as voice and electric guitars. The signature sounds of Summit Audio’s TPA-200B is perfect for eradicating sterility from the cold, hard digital world.


  • Microphone, Line & Hi-Z inputs
  • Uniquely controllable from “Clean” to “Overdrive”
  • Front panel Hi-Z input
  • Pad Switch & Phase Switch
  • 48 volt phantom power
  • Jensen input transformers
  • Overload and Overdrive indicators
  • 3 year warranty
  • Hand crafted in the U.S.A.

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