Summit Audio MPC 100A

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Mic Preamp / Compressor – Limiter.
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The MPC-1OOA is a single channel tube preamplifier and tube compressor/limiter all in one unit, accepting line, microphone, and Hi-Z input signals. The preamplifier provides a warm yet crisp vacuum tube tone. The compressor/limiter section has very fast attack times, making it ideal for optimizing signal prior to entering the digital domain. In addition to having superb sound and a user friendly interface, the MPC-100A has the robust build quality consistent with the Summit Audio family of products.

Vocals and bass really shine with the MPC-100A, the Jensen mic transformer and tubes working in synch to lend a detailed sound with harmonically complex overtones. The ultra-fast compressor makes it ideal for drums, especially kick and snare, to tame those transients yet keep the body rich and full. The MPC-100A features variable impedance (loading) on the Hi-Z input so passive guitars and bass pickups have a whole new level of tone control. Increase the loading for a minimum of resistance and the open, airy sound of your pickups working unimpeded. Turn the impedance control down and listen to the high frequencies start to attenuate in a musical way and the low frequencies get tighter and more focused as the pickups are loaded. And with three separate gain controls, two driving vacuum tubes with a master output level, you have endless tonal variations for whatever sound you need.


  • “Clean” to “Saturated” valve sounds
  • Soft Clipping LED indicators
  • HI-Z instrument input with impedance matching control
  • Two stages of vacuum tube gain controls
  • 3 Position attack and release presets
  • High quality VU meter for output and gain reduction metering
  • Continuously variable output level control
  • +4 dB balanced and -10 dB unbalanced output
  • Stereo linkable with a second MPC-100A
  • Jensen mic transformer.

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