Summit Audio EQP 200B Dual EQ

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Dual-channel 3-band Parametric EQ with Vacuum Tube Amplifier

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The Summit Audio EQP 200B combines the best of solid state and tube technology in one excellent stereo program equalizer.

The EQP 200B is a passive EQ, using vacuum tube amplification for gain make-up. An incredibly smooth, fat, warm EQ, the Summit Audio EQP 200B is designed for broad tonal shaping and master applications.

Offering high and low frequency peak boost as well as high and low frequency shelf attenuate, 105 dB dynamic range, a pure, transformerless signal path, and balanced I/O, this equalizer has great capability, and impeccable specs and quality.


  • Two independent channels
  • Switch selectable frequencies
  • Continuously variable boost or cut
  • Silent in/out switch
  • Balanced input
  • 990 Balanced output stage
  • 105 DB dynamic range
  • Ease of operation
  • Transformerless signal path
  • Hand crafted in the USA

Summit Audio EQP 200B EQ with three different sections

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