Summit Audio

Summit Audio history starts in 1979, when Michael Papp was running a record pressing plant and cassette duplication facility. He eventually moved into the business of buying and selling used audio gear from recording studios. Seeing the great demand for old, used vacuum tube gear along with the high cost of maintenance for these old products, Michael decided to try manufacturing new vacuum tube-based products combining the sound and attention to detail of these old classics with the specifications and reliability of new, modern parts. That's how Summit Audio was born.

The first unit was the TLA-100, created by Michael Papp and Dave Hill, founder of Crane Song. Although it shares some control features with classic equipment, it was designed with unique circuits and limitation / compression methods. This union between classical function and modern methods and technology has been the cornerstone of all Summit Audio designs. The TLA-100 is currently the continuously produced device for the longest time in this industry.

Summit became a well-established and respected manufacturer, the result of products such as the DCL-200 dual compressor / limiter, the TPA-200B microphone preamp or the EQP-200B, nowadays highly sought-after and valued vintage classics.

Over the three decades that Summit Audio has been making gear, it is this type of value, vision and longevity with which Summit Audio continuously strive to provide their users around the world. The journey began with good people and strong relationships, and it is still those things that drive the focus in all they do.

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