Raindirk Audio

The history of Raindirk Audio dates back to the early 1970s, when Cyril Jones, company founder, designed a 24-channel recording console for the Deep Purple band, which would be installed in the former Lane Lea studios in Kingsway, London. That console continued to star in records of The Who, The Animals, ELO, Iron Maiden, Leo Sayer, Paul McCartney and Wings, and many others.

Soon, Raindirk Audio established itself as a manufacturer of fully developed mixing consoles and put on the market the first production console 'In Line', called “Concorde”, one of which was for Who's Pete Townsend. However, not all of the work went to the music industry, Raindirk produced 45 Television broadcast consoles for South Africa in the early 1980s. A little later, Raindirk launched the "Symphony" range of consoles for music recording, movie dubbing and mobile variants. The electronic design was surprising, managing to maintain an extremely low noise level in its 24 active channels, a fantastic achievement, even by current standards.

The heritage of a whole past dedicated to the design and construction of large mixing consoles with exquisite sonic qualities are now condensed in 19 "rack format equipment with the characteristics of their best creations.

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