Kush Audio

Kush Audio - Analog vs digital? FALSE!!!!

ALL KUSH PROCESSORS WILL ELEVATE YOUR ARTISTRY. Every Kush Audio processor – both analog and digital – is obsessively designed to open up new sonic possibilities for your art while keeping you firmly in 'right brain' creative mode. Every control can push your sound into unexpectedly cool territories. Every eq filter and compression curve, every distortion fingerprint... all of it was carefully crafted by a master of sound, leaving you free to ignore the numbers and focus on your music.

You have no desire to make art that looks, feels, or sounds derivative. Neither do we, so we don't put the Kush name on anything until it sounds and behaves like nothing else. That gives you a tremendous advantage when working to craft a sonic signature that sets you apart from the rest, when trying to create music that moves people the way your favorite music moves you. The sonics of Kush overflows with emotion, texture, and vibe... which means your art will as well.

Manufactures Audio exoteric of very high quality.

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