Traste Cero Studio

Traste Cero Studio

Madrid, Spain, (2010)

Designed by Philip Newell and built by a Reflexion Arts team, the studios are located in a huge complex, which houses 30 rehearsal rooms and over 100 storage rooms.
It consists of 2 control-rooms and 2 recording rooms connected to any of the control-rooms.
The 30 square metre control-room 1 features day light and is focused on music recording and mixing for stereo. The acoustic design is of the non-environment  type, which guarantees critical listening of recorded material. It was designed from scratch to house the first ever Reflexion Arts RA239M monitor system, with Reflexion Arts Studio I amplifiers and Reflexion Arts SX23 crossover.
Estudio traste cero

Control-Room 1

Control-room 2 — 20 square metres — is also a non-environment design aimed at 5.1 monitoring. Thanks to a heavy insulation between rooms, all can work completely independently or on the same project. Monitors are ADAM active
traste cero

Control-Room 2

The recording room 1 is over 40 square metres and more than 3 meters high. It has a great diffuser of natural slate and acoustic traps of different dimensions.
traste cero

Recording-Room 1

The recording room 2 — 10 square metres — has a drier characteristic, with a much lower reverberation time, making it ideal for recording close miking sources or to isolate some instruments in a live recording.

traste cero

Room Recording 2

All rooms have visual connection through double glass doors or double glass windows.