On all LEWITT microphones that are sold within October, the customer will receive the following products from ARTURIA for FREE:

Rev PLATE-140: A luxurious, rich, smooth plate reverb known for its mix-ready clarity and crunchy preamp, recreated in all its material detail and retrofitted with futuristic features. Add space and warmth to just about anything.
Pre 1973: The iconic ‘70s Brit sound, a staple in the world’s most renowned studios, known for its grainy presence and high-end shine, faithfully remade and enhanced for the modern producer. Perfect for guitars and vocals.

The above 2 plug-ins are sold at 99€ each, making it a free value of 198€

How can you receive the 2 free Arturia plug-ins? Once you purchased your LEWITT microphone, go to the LEWITT website and register the product through myLEWITT. When the registration has been validated, you will receive the 2 activation codes for the plug-ins and a link to the Arturia Website, where both products can be downloaded and activated. That´s it.