Designed by Julius Newell and built by Reflexion Arts team during the first quarter in 2014.
Image Sound Barcelona

Imagine Sound is the latest construction job recently delivered by Reflexion Arts. This studio, located in Barcelona’s Poble Nou, has been designed by Julius Newell and work spanned from January the 20th until March the 7th. Roughly a 2 month job carried out by a team of Reflexion Arts constructors and technicians.

The studio, comprising a very spacious control room, a machine room and a multi function room, upstairs, features a Reflexion Arts RA239 high resolution monitor system, frequency extended by two RA BX1 subs, responding down to 16Hz, courtesy of a McCauley 18” woofer. In fact this is the first time we install subs in a studio exclusively dedicated to music, the reason being, that the owner records mainly electronic music.

The studio sees the first release of the new Reflexion Arts Studio II bi-amp amplifiers, specially built by Neva Audio, in Russia. With even lower noise floor, the new version of these premium amplifiers guarantees an improved cross-talk, courtesy of the now 4 transformers (2 in each channel), instead of the previous two transformers option, shared by both channels. With this new design, Neva improves substantially the (already negligible) intermodulation distortion, as the separation between the Class AB Lows channel (250W@8Ω) and the pure Class A Highs channel (60W@8Ω) is now absolute.

The system is controlled by a BSS BLU160 unit, fitted with analogue inputs and outputs.

The studio appearance can be changed, at the press of a button, by changing the colours on the LED strips hidden along the framework, as the fabric used is quite light coloured and reflective, in spite of being absolutely acoustically transparent.

Both the mixing console, a 48 input SSL Duality, and the recording system – an Avid Protools HDX system, full blown with 4 Avid 16×16 for 64 channel operation – have been supplied by Funky Junk.

Estudio de Martin Buttrich